Monday, February 28, 2011

Fat Tuesday

Street photography can be fun when you find someone that really stands out from the crowd and commands your attention.  Recently I saw this young couple and knew I wanted to get a candid photo of them.  Obviously they stand out because not too many guys wear hats anymore, although I here they are coming back into style, and young women don't wear aqua colored sequin flapper dresses from the 1920's.  So these two really should catch your attention right?
Normally that would be the case, but it just so happens this picture was taken during mardi gras celebrations in Galveston, Texas.  There were more characters dressed in kooky and extravagant costumes than you could shake a stick at.  Here are just a few from the day.

Between krewe parades the crowd was teased by party goers on the balconies tossing down beads to scantily clad young ladies. Compared to the Big Easy, Galveston's mardi gras is rated "G".

 Yo, taxi
I thought Phil Spector was convicted of murder and in prison?

After I took this photo she proceeded to put that cigarette out in the palm of her left hand and crack her knuckles all while giving me a look that would stop a rottweiler dead in its tracks.  Ok, maybe she didn't crack her knuckles and snuff the cig out that way but she did give me a nice "f--k off' look.

These four weirdos took the cake! They were the strangest of the day, my family :)

Video with stills shot by my wife and I and video footage she shot.

All images copyright Daniel Ray Photography.

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