Monday, April 25, 2011

What's Your Second Most Important Tool?

Other than your camera and lenses what is the second most important tool when it comes to producing great looking digital images?  In my opinion it is your computer's video display monitor.

I'm currently using an HP ZR24w 24-inch S-IPS LCD Monitor as my primary display for using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for post processing images.  When I first installed the HP ZR24w I noticed that the images looked very different than they did with my previous monitor, a ViewSonic VX2240W 22" wide screen LCD.

After running just the HP ZR24w for a few weeks I decided to reconnect the ViewSonic VX2240W as my secondary display.  After getting both monitors connected I used a Spyder2Express color calibrator and calibrated each monitor. 

After calibrating both monitors and displaying the same image on each monitor the difference in the display quality between these two monitors is absolutely astonishing. The more expensive HP monitor has a much clearer and brighter display that allows me to see the details in images that can't be seen on the much cheaper Viewsonic monitor. 

I'm so impressed with the HP ZR24w 24-inch S-IPS LCD Monitor that I've ordered a second one to replace the ViewSonic VX2240W which will find a new home on my wife's or children's PC.

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