Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter at Brazos Bend State Park

My wife was invited to attend a plein air (outdoor) painters meet-up at Brazos Bend State Park near our home.  I of course didn't object knowing it would provide me the opportunity to photograph the park in it's winter colors.

What follows are a few images of the golden winter colors of this beautiful state park.

Brazos Bend Texas State Park - Dried flowers along the Praire Trail

Ancient old oak trees such as this one can be found through out the park

  The ameircan alligators were out in force on this warm winter day.  I counted more the thirty gators as I walked through the many lake trails of the park

 Grassy field at the end of the Praire Trail at Brazos Bend State Park

  The colors of winter wash over the grassy wetlands of southeast Texas

Our new friends Tim and Kirby painting at New Horseshoe lake.

 Brilliant red berries stand out against the mutted winter colors of the trees, brush, vines and spanish moss.

 Three of the five painters whom attended the meet-up

 A sea of dry grass

All images copyright Daniel Ray Photography.

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