Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Saturday in Galveston

Last Saturday we headed to Galveston Island so our boys could play on the beach and in the Gulf of Mexico. The weather was nice with the temperatures in the low 90s and the humidity at nearly 100% or so it seemed. I think it's going to be a HOT summer. The following are some images from a walk up and down the beach while I was looking for interesting objects or subjects to photograph.

These bright red freshly painted poles caught my eve. They are used to divide Stewart beach between the area where you can drive on the beach, where we were located, and the pedestrian only area of the beach that you can see behind the poles.

This old post had some blue paint that really stood out. The sand dunes behind and to the right of the pole is a new man made barrier that was installed after hurricane Ike.

Many wildflowers were growing a long an old fence line on the left side. In the background you can see the red poles and umbrellas on the beach.

This old discarded and weathered truck tire was laying out in the sandy meadow with wildflowers growing all around it. I wonder if this was left on the beach by someone or was it washed up onto the beach by hurricane Ike.
More wildflowers growing around another fence post with fading blue and yellow paint .

There was a junior volleyball tournament going on at Stewart beach with about 18 to 24 courts setup on the beach. This group was sitting on the steps of the Stewart Beach pavilion chatting and watching a game.

All the lifeguard stands were unoccupied which I thought was very strange with the large number of people on the beach.

This young lady was pushing that snocone cart all over the beach, and it appeared that business was very good.

All images copyright Daniel Ray Photography.

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