Monday, May 11, 2009

Morning in the Gaslamp Quarter

While I was in San Diego I woke up early the first morning and decided to make some time before breakfast to get out and take some photos of the city. I was staying at the Omni hotel adjacent to Petco Park in the Gaslamp Quarter so I walked around the parameter of Petco Park and captured images of the city waking up and starting it's day.

All images copyright Daniel Ray Photography.


  1. Awesome pictures. How did you do the lady with just a red purse?

  2. I used Adobe Lightroom to get this effect, but there are many other photo editing software packages that can do the same.

    To get a single color to display and remove all other colors I move each of the color sliders all the way down to zero which results in a grayscale image. I then move the color slider for the one or two colors I want to display (red and orange in this case) up until that color is visble.

    I was lucky with this image that the only red and orange items were her purse and the traffic cone so it was easy.

    You can also use the saturation control to make the colors more vivid and stand out even more which I did for this photo.