Sunday, April 04, 2010

Photographing the Easter Bunny

Easter Eve our six year old came to me and asked me to take a picture of the Easter Bunny.  I told him I'd try and didn't think much more about it until later when I was putting him to bed and he reminded me that I "promised' to take a picture of the Easter Bunny.  I think his two older brothers were telling him the Easter Bunny wasn't real and he wanted proof to the contrary.  So I began concocting a plan to photograph the Easter Bunny for our six year old. 
My plan was to take a picture of our breakfast table where their Easter Baskets were placed and then using Photoshop superimpose a picture of the Easter Bunny standing at the table after filling their Easter baskets. 

Easy enough, I have a digital camera to take base picture of the room and table, Photoshop to construct the image, but what I was missing was a picture of the Easter Bunny. I thought for a moment, what would the Easter Bunny look like?  A white rabbit of course but how big was he? Did he run around on four legs or two? I decided the Easter Bunny would be two legged and look more human than not.  I Googled "Easter Bunny Picture" and found this image of the Easter Bunny waving and decided to use it. 
Next I snapped a picture of our breakfast table after their Easter baskets were filled with goodies. I then used Photoshop to place the Easter Bunny standing behind the breakfast table.
Now I needed to get the picture of the Easter Bunny back into the camera so it wouldn't look like Daddy was using trickery on the little tike.  Our two oldest are wise to their Dad's many ways of pulling fast ones on them and I know they would have called me out if I would have just showed them the image on my computer monitor.

I copied the modified image back onto the camera's memory card and pressed the image preview button on the camera. No luck the camera would not display the modified image.  Then my wife said just use the camera to take a picture of the the computer monitor. So I pulled the image up full screen on the monitor a snapped a picture of the Easter Bunny.
The following morning I told the kids that I stayed up late and I was able to get a picture of the Easter Bunny.  Our six year old gasped and said let me see!  I pressed the image preview button on the camera and showed him the Easter Bunny standing in our house.  He was amazed and had a smile from ear to ear.  Our two older boys ran over to see the photograph and their mouths dropped when they saw the image on the back of the camera as one of them said "that's creepy". 
Happy Easter from the "real" Easter Bunny.


  1. Hi dawns husband, that is freakin cool, that's something I would have done. Photography is a hobby I allways wanted to get into the closest I get is pictures with my phone, ill upload some pix I took today at ohiopyle state park today to facebook.... Larry