Sunday, July 19, 2009

2009 Worldwide Photo Walk

On Saturday, July 18th I took part in the Worldwide Photo Walk at Discovery Green in downtown Houston, Texas. It has been a very dry summer here in Houston so when I started driving to the photo walk and saw black clouds around downtown I was happy for the rain, but also concerned the photo walk would be rained out.

After finding a parking spot and lugging my camera case and tripod to Discovery Green I turned to look back from where I just come and captured this image of the approaching thunder boomer.
... and then the heavens opened and dropped a torrential down pour on about 30 photographers and all their camera gear. Yikes! We all headed for cover under the awning of the Lake House pavilion.

Even the security guards were taking cover waiting for the rains to stop.

Drink'em here

Reflections of the street lights in the small boat pond.

More reflections of the street lights in the small boat pond.

Cypress tree

Rain, rain go away and come back another day...

Is this a sign?

The coast was clear, so we all headed out to shoot in the remaining evening light. The combination of clouds and evening sun produced a very yellowish, golden color to the light.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) image of the main walkway in Discovery Green.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) image of new building construction just north of Discovery Green
All images copyright Daniel Ray Photography.

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