Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Black and White Wednesday #2

Welcome to Black and White Wednesday. This is the second post in this series.

Early one morning last week I woke up early with the intention to capture a colorful sunrise. As I stepped out the door to leave I noticed that a thick fog had settled in and would more than likely not be very conducive for a sunrise photograph. But I was already up so I decided to venture out and see what I could find. After stopping for a cup of java I noticed this high rise office building appeared to vanish up into the fog. After setting up my tripod and camera I snapped a few images before a light rain started to fall which quickly put an end to any more attempts at photography that morning.

I was lounging in our backyard hammock and noticed the setting sun producing heavy contrast on the bare branches of this crepe myrtle tree. The tree really isn't actually as twisted and tangled as it appears in this image. The long telephoto lens I used to capture this image compresses the foreground and background to create the perception of a tangled mess of branches.

All images copyright Daniel Ray Photography.

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