Saturday, February 21, 2009

Axel Grinds and Kickflips After a Little More Practice

Our three boys love playing the Tony Hawk Pro Skater game on their PlayStation and riding their skateboards. I read about the recently finished 2.7 million dollar Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark that opened near downtown Houston so we decided to bring our boys there to watch other skaters and possible let them ride their skateboards if they felt like it. After watching the other skaters for a few minutes they wanted to try it so we suited them up and turned them loose. Since they've only had their skateboards for a few months they weren't ready for the deep end of the pool so we started them out in the shallows. After a few tumbles they decided sitting on the boards and gliding down the slopes was the way to go.

Austin and Cameron drag race down a small hill.

Zachary didn't have such a good start. the first hill he tried to walk down he fell on his butt and started crying. After a little consoling and encouragement he gave it another go.

A great view of Houston's skyline from the skatepark.

There were about 100 kids and young adults skating in the park and there were some that had quite a bit of talent and didn't mind showing their stuff for the spectators and a few photographers.

This guy was good

Surfing the concrete wave.


Climbing the wall


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  2. Toe boys are getting so big! Great pics - as usual!